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*New York State District Council of Ironworkers President James Mahoney pushes back against critics of the Construction Safety Act who contend that the package of bills now before the City Council won’t make job sites safer and will limit opportunities for minority workers.

“When they say we [labor unions] are not safer, they are wrong. That’s a lie.”

“[Builders opposed to safety reforms] don’t care how high they have to pile the bodies to get [the job] done.” – James Mahoney

*Northeast Nurses Association President Ellen Smith hits back against a leaked Trump executive order threatening to discriminate against women and members of the LGBTQ community seeking health services.

“The nurses association will fight back in every way. We need to protect every women in America against [Donald] Trump.” – Ellen Smith

*Assemblymember Walter Mosley questions the affordability of future housing created under the new 421a tax abatement deal.

“It’s good for the individuals that were at the table. But who wasn’t at the table? We understand it’s just a proposal for us. It’s not a done deal.” – Assemblymember Walter Mosley

*Sal Armao, CPA, Armao, LLP, provides comprehensive tips on how labor unions can correctly navigate tax issues involving perennial concerns including reimbursed employee expenses, show steward dues and even the Affordable Healthcare Act.

“What they should do is forego the dues that month.”

“I’m not sure Trump has the answer or not, but I’m sure [the Affordable Healthcare Act] will get straightened out.” – Sal Armao.

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