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Accounting and Auditing Services

Our approach to accounting and auditing exemplifies our core values of integrity, teamwork and communication.

Accounting Services
The professionals at Armao LLP are accounting specialists who are masters at providing strategic business advice, helping our clients improve their business results, save taxes, meet compliance requirements, improve efficiency and enhance profit. We go well beyond basic accountancy to the nuts and bolts of our clients’ financial futures.

Our business relationships are founded on making the complex processes understandable, from financial statements to the development of budgets to forecasting to other management decisions. We recognize that businesses at all stages of their development have differing requirements for advice and accounting services. Our expertise spans the early stages of fledgling companies to long-standing and established businesses and organizations.

Audit and Assurance
The professionals at Armao LLP approach audit and assurance engagements from an inclusive perspective; we know that businesses require far more from their auditors than the traditional audit. Our services are based on relationships and a thorough knowledge of each client’s business entity and industry. We gain a meticulous understanding by gathering input from owners and management, taking a team approach to the work and ensuring continuity of staffing.

Our audit and assurance services will satisfy stakeholders that financial controls are in place to safeguard business assets and reassure management that they are making decisions based on reliable information. We conduct regular reviews of our audit processes to ensure best practices, while providing the most cost effective procedures, which includes the use of the latest audit software.

Payroll Audits
The professionals at Armao LLP who conduct payroll audits comprise a practice group that determines the accuracy of the reports and contributions submitted to Multiemployer Taft-Hartley plans, and determine that contributions have been properly remitted for all covered work.

Covered work is any work performed under a collective bargaining agreement. Payroll compliance programs enable plan trustees to determine whether the plan is receiving the proper amount of employer contributions that are due; determine whether the plan has accurate and complete participant records; and serve notice that the trustees are monitoring contribution collections.

Our Accounting and Audit services include:

  • Reporting on audited, reviewed and compiled Financial Statements
  • Agreed-upon procedures reports
  • Reporting on specified elements, accounts or Items of a Financial Statement
  • Reporting on existing internal controls
  • Internal control design and review
  • Compiled or examined financial projections and forecasts
  • Implementation of new accounting pronouncements
  • Compliance reports on laws, regulations and contracts
  • Specific transactional assistance