The professionals at Armao LLP are accounting specialists who are masters at providing strategic business advice, helping our clients improve their business results, save taxes, meet compliance requirements, improve efficiency and enhance profit. We go well beyond basic accountancy to the nuts and bolts of our clients’ financial futures.

At Armao:
We work extremely well with our Labor Union and Employee Benefit Plan counterparts. There is a mutual respect fostered by our ability to listen first, ask the right questions and work together to achieve a mutual goal.
There are no unnamed, less experienced or temporary personnel conducting any of our clients’ work.
We maintain an unusually congenial atmosphere, even during the most demanding engagements and under the most hectic conditions.
Our partner and staff meetings incorporate humor in addition to the utmost seriousness when discussing and performing our clients’ work.
Just as we make critical decisions before submitting a proposal or accepting a client, we are acutely aware that the same process exists for those employing our services. We strive to make each commitment a win-win endeavor.

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